Whale Warriors

My first Contact to Sea Shepherd has been at a concert given by Orange City HC Band Ignite.

I checked the site and information and in my eyes, sea shepherd does a really important work to conserve maritim life, fighting against ignorance and against hiding behind old traditions. There are lot of discussions going on about this group, some decided to declare them as a kind of green terrorists, but please before doing it, read the given infos on their side and try to understand what it means to fight against walls to get any helping result. They are risking their life for giving maritim life a voice!

If we cannot find a helping solution NOW, it will be to late for many many animals or so called resources.

So pls, check it, think about it and help if you are willed and able.

My ‘Goal’ is not to get the money myself, all donations will directly go to the shepherds.

To See more an check the possibillities to make donations, pls see my whale warrior site:
Mahlemiuts Whale Warrior Site