Aug 25

BMW World, Munich

[portfolio_slideshow id=1077] This area is a very impressive area of architecture form 70’s. After living in Munich for about 20 years, this has been my first visit of these buildings on this side of the area. The Tower has been finished close to the Olympic Games 1972 and has been the highest building in Munich at this time. The construction is really awesome and the outer cylinders do not stand an the ground, they are placed hanging on the pillars at the middle. Did you know, that the BMW tower, the BMW Museum, the Olympic Park and the Audi Dome (former Rudi Sedlmayr Halle) has been used to film Rollerball 1975? I am sure, I will return and will spend some time more to shoot the architecture there. This time I only had a Fuji Compact to shoot, but will be more in the future.
Aug 23

WP 36 -> Vernissage

Switching to Vernissage Theme on WordPress 3.6 is almost done. Now I have to do with porting Coppermine stuff to the new structure and actualize the content. A propos vernissage (exhibition), as one of my architecture picture has been selected for a book about alternative pictures from Munich and will also be shown at a exhibition, it will be by first one. Feeling honored and a bit nervous.
Aug 22

Switching to new theme

I recently decided to switch to Vernissage Theme. Actually i have to work on the design and changing some features, so it might look a bit confusing. Hope to get it run today. cheerz Raphael

starting experience in object photography

I shot this scene using a Leica macro Elmarit 2.8 60 on a NEX-7. Images ist stacked of 19 captures, using glycerol on a glass plate, light has been a high power led lenser.

first baby shoot

If you think, you are the one who sais how a baby shoot should go foreward, forget it, it is done by the model *g* Many thanks to the sweet lady and their parents, given me the chance to get this experiences..

Texture blended Photography

Just one Example for texture blended photography. Shot in northern germany, Holzminden, Weser bridge.


latest thunderstorm shots


actual thunderstorm shots

Wedding 2012/08/11

Wedding shots, Part 1
Jun 25

Coppermine Gallery upgrade

Unfortunately cpg is not very gentle in running for longer times and there are more and more unfunny effects, so i have to work on a complete upgrade. If this will not work at all, i will delete the cpg part and have to transfer tons of data to wordpress. Pls be gentle, if the Gallery will not work for a while. Cheerz Raphael