Wolve addicted

I think, I am a bit wolve addicted. After 3 months of fighting against lyme disease, I finally have been able to spent some time to shoot in Zoos in nothern germany. Hope, you like it. Gallery
Jun 17

Juni 17. Taxi geordert, warten auf 4 Uhr.Man sollte seiner Frau glauben, wenn der Satz fällt ‘Der Zug geht eeetwas früher diesmal’. Ich bin gespannt. Erster Stop: Blankenfelde. Powered by Journey.
Nov 18

Just few shots using the RX100

Hi, I just got my Sony RX100 mark one ind did some quick shots. I really like the small one 😉             not too bad for ISO1600, added some structure to simulate old BnW film.
Sep 16

Using an Godox Wistro AD360 in Supersynch Mode on a 6D

It has been close to drive me nuts. I checked the internet for getting hints how to make it work and after 2 hours I have been successful. I used: the Wistro 360 a Yongnuo YN622C TX as sender a Yongnuo YN622C as receiver a short sync cable (important to get the syc running) a Bowens S Type T-bracket adapter a foldable Beauty dish, including diffuser to get a kind of real life scenario If you want remotely change the flash power, a Godox FT-16 remote control in addition. I struggled getting the synch running by only using the hss capabilities of the yonguos. You can trigger the flash, but I haven’t been able to get the shutter in sync. First of all, you have to set the Wistro in HS Mode by pressing the mode and the set button simultaneously. After that you can see the sH sign for HSS/SS on the display. Connect the Godox receiver at the usb port, if you want to use remote power control. Connect the yongnuo YN622C receiver via a flash sync cable (haven’t found that at the net, but using native HSS over the yongnuos and a 6D did not work for […]
Aug 15

And some more clouds

Some more cloud shots.
Aug 15

Cloud Texture

I just shot clouds these days and here you can get the full resolution pictures. I think, it might be nice as Texture. Cheerz Raphael
Apr 25

LR CC HDR Quicktest

I am impressed in a posotive way. LRCC does not screw up hdr files, only if you really want it and it cannot do magic, but it is a really nice implementation.
Apr 25

Nature is a painter

After having a fight to get LRCC running (I had to create a new user account on the Win7 machine, so if you are working on Win 7 and the problem is that LR will stuck after opening a catalog, try to create a new account, if it works on the new account something has been screwed up with the old one), I did a edit of a picture, shot a few days before. Converted in LRCC, finalized in PhotoshopCC 2014, Using Topaz Details.
Apr 21

A quick walk and some birds

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Apr 18

Canon 6D ISO 8000, no Tripod.

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