Aug 23
Canis Dirus

WP 36 -> Vernissage

wp_20130820-_DSC1499 Switching to Vernissage Theme on WordPress 3.6 is almost done.
Now I have to do with porting Coppermine stuff to the new structure and actualize the content.
A propos vernissage (exhibition), as one of my architecture picture has been selected for a book about alternative pictures from Munich and will also be shown at a exhibition, it will be by first one. Feeling honored and a bit nervous.

Canis Dirus
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  1. Carola
    September 06, 2013

    Hallo Raphael,

    Du präsentierst super coole Bilder auf Deiner Web-site, welche ebenfalls professionell aufgezogen ist. Hut ab

    Liebe Grüße

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